Restricted Medications

Following positive consultation with the CCG and our Patient Participation Group we have agreed not to prescribe the items in the list below, irrespective of the age or status of the patient.


To buy all the health services in Ipswich and East Suffolk the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has an annual budget of £378 Million. This has to buy all prescribed medicines, and all community and hospital care. Financial pressures on the NHS mean that we have to be very careful with prescribing, to ensure enough money is available for vital services, and all of us can help with this by buying simple items over the counter.


Restricted items we are not able to prescribe include:


Allergy eye drops & nasal sprays

Intermittent use of paracetamol & ibuprofen

Thrush treatment unless under sixteen or pregnant


Acute diarrhoea treatments


Ear wax removers

Aqueous cream & bath/shower emollients

Headlice and threadworm treatments



Anti-inflammatory gels

Senna & other laxatives & IBS treatments

Haemorrhoid cream

Ointments & drops for dry eyes

Please remember that every £1,000 saved by these measures means that another patient can have a cataract operation. Every £300 saved funds a 999 ambulance call. Thank you for your help.


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