Community Memory Assessment Service

At the Community Memory Assessment Service (CMAS) East Suffolk we provide assessment and diagnosis of memory problems, including dementia. Our service is provided locally and conveniently for you as a patient. Our team see you in a community based setting.


When you are referred to us, you are assessed and, if appropriate, sent for a head scan, usually at Nuffield Hospital. After this, you see one of our CMAS doctors to discuss your diagnosis and receive the appropriate advice, support and treatment, such as medication, if appropriate.


Early diagnosis of dementia can enable planning for the future, access to support, better mental wellbeing for you and your family, and gives everyone involved a better understanding of the condition.


Following a diagnosis, our nurse practitioners provide a followup appointment to see how you are getting on with any medication that has been prescribed, and to provide further information and advice. ​


If you or your family have been worrying about your memory for some time, please speak to your GP. They can refer you to us here at CMAS.​


Telephone: 01473 296194





Mariner House

43 Handford Road


IP1 2GA​