Healthcare Team


Our Clinical Pharmacists work as part of our GP team dealing with day-to-day medication issues, helping patients with medication queries, and delivering clinical advice about treatments.


Hina Iqbal-Azille

Sophie Leung


Community Midwives

Yvonne Cross

Catherine Hudson


Community Nurses


A District Nursing team is available to those who require nursing care but are confined to their home. They are now located centrally and are contactable on 03001 232425.


Health Visitors


Margaret Berlemont and Sarah Cooper, at Derby Road Surgery and Karen Daniel at Pinewood Surgery are closely involved in patient healthcare, particularly mothers and children, and health education work. They run child health clinics for their respective surgeries. Contact No for Derby Road Health Visitors 01473 428077 Contact No for Pinewood Health Visitors 01473 604204 .